Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 2 and 3

Didn't blog yesterday morning about day 2 for two very good reasons;

1. Alarm failure, I set my alarm for 5 minutes after paul's, unfortunately he set his for the wrong day so when his didn't go off I just cancelled mine

2. I was a grumpy bugger yesterday morning

Day 2 feels like it happened months ago, lots of rolling French countryside and sleepy French villages, lovely place to ride, wish the Tarmac and traffic I rode on was this good.

Day 3 for me - after the alarm trauma - started badly, I misjudged breakfast, hydration and my ability to cycle. Started to fast and by the third hill my legs turned to jelly, not the good rabbit shaped raspberry kind but the quivering not doing what I wanted muscle kind. Luckily a gel, half a bottle of water and lots of encouragement fixed that.

After this everything went swimmingly, swoopy fast descents and long slow uphills, would tell you lots more but my arms ache...

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