Saturday, 18 September 2010

Morning after day 1

Lying in bed in a hotel in Dieppe contemplating day 1, it was fun, 73 miles from London down to Dover. We have a really good group on the cycle, some fast, some slow but all want to finish and want you to finish with them.

Riding up to hilltop in Dover to applause and percy pigs was fantastic, knowing there was a 6 mile descent into the town helped too, as anyone who knows me can work out I am not built for hill climbing, I am the anti-contador.

Today is the short day, a mere 50 miles, should be finished quick and then into a bar, of course there won't be too much libation as tomorrow is over 80 miles.

Anyway, off to annoy French hotel workers by asking for a full English loudly and slowly, possibly repeating myself and putting o's on the end of every sentence (just kidding) really we are going to chat about if a French cyclist can ever win the Tour de France!

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