Sunday, 20 June 2010

Long Distance Hot Ride

So that is it, 46 miles in 27 Celsius heat at an average speed of 15 miles per hour (although that does include some walking bits and shock horror - some hills!!!).

I feel great, sweaty and I have muscles of jelly, but great...

We started early and cycled out to the spit, which is the other side of Toronto Island, my geography is a bit rubbish but it was nice and only about 8 miles so an easy warm up!

After this it was back along the spit and up to the beaches, it was still early so the recreation path was being used but not too crazy this early, at the end of the beaches we turned around, I was hoping a beach volleyball competition would have started (with girls - not like Top Gun)

Anyway, we headed north on some awesome cycle paths and after a little rest at 20 miles turned left and headed out west.

Suddenly at 25 miles my body decided this was enough, every slight incline felt like a mountain and my average speed dropped by 10 miles an hour, the only possible solution was a cake break...
I am not too proud to admit that I was drinking an iced chocolate drink and a chocolate brownie with a small milk chocolate on the side, it had the desired effect and I was almost back to full strength. Of course the next 10 minutes was hills going up on a main road so there was a little muttering swear words under my breath but at least I had enough energy to do this...

Turning left into the posh part of town we witness some pretty ostentatious housing, we could tell it was where the elite trontons live as the white Range Rover Sport count went through the roof, suddenly the first and second car on every drive was european, I am guessing all the domestic cars belonged to the live in help.

Briefly I saw the CN Tower in the distance, this is a homing beacon for me,  so of course we turned right and cycled away from it, and towards Liberty Village. We got to the Humber Bridge and despite my best sad face and almost tears I was told we were continuing to the point. Now we are on Waterfront recreational paths again and they are now full of cyclists slow enough to obey the 20km/hr speed limit and lots of roller bladers, this was good as it slowed us down (a little)

We made the point despite the head wind, probably as I knew we would turn around and this would mean we would be on the final stretch and have a wind behind us.
Ye, this is Toronto from a different angle, a whole 15 miles as the seagull flies from the first picture, of course we managed to make this journey 38 miles but then we are gluttons for punishment. After a brief paddle to sooth my aching feet we were off again, tail wind and knowing it was the last leg meant we matched and exceeded our early morning pace of 18 miles per hour and made it home before 1pm.

I do feel quiet accomplished and I would like to thank Paul for the ride, I'd like to thank him but I will wait and see what my legs feel like tomorrow morning.

More of these to come I feel as this is only as far as the shortest day we have on the London to Paris in September!

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