Friday, 14 May 2010

Challenge completed!

So this morning, a day ahead of schedule I completed my "Cycle 400 miles in 30 days" challenge. The final mile ticked over as I passed Turnham Green tube station worrying about the wheel sized pot holes in the road. Although I was expecting a ticker tape parade and applause from local dignitaries it was, as usual, quiet.

To complete the challenge this week (because I had been slack at the start of the 30 days) I had to cycle 130 miles. In four and a half days I managed this and feel accomplished.

This is a problem...

In September I will be cycling 180 miles, in three days, GULP, I think I need to set myself more challenges and get back in the saddle, although maybe after resting for a couple of days first, it's almost the weekend after all...

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