Monday, 10 May 2010

Head cold + Training = fun fun fun

So after three days of feasting and resting I am back on the bike. This is a good thing. Unfortunately the head cold that has been hanging around became much more evident during the cycling, nothing of course that would stop me in my tracks and send me back home to bed, it is much less than the dreaded man flu, but it was enough.

My body decided that, even though it was sunny and I had more than enough clothing, shivers would be appropriate, also it would be producing prolific amounts of phlegm. This probably made me look a little scary on the ride in and is why everyone was over taking me and shooting off in the distance, even grannies on shoppers, as I probably looked like the patient zero for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

After all this whinging I actually made it in and I don't feel too bad, of course I came in the 15 mile cop out route so I have to cycle an equally long way home to hit my 30 mile a day target for this week but I will survive!

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