Friday, 21 May 2010

Last London Ride

So that's it, the Cannondale is going to be packed up soon, ready for a 3,000 mile flight to Canada.
My last ride was a doozy, which is why I am lying on the sofa. 42 miles, taking in Notting Hill, Oxford Street, Shoreditch, Tower Bridge, Sloane Sq and much more! After lunch it is off to the excellent Bicycle to get my trusty stead bagged up, I will take pictures, for my sanity as well as showing off!

One good thing I did find out on this ride, the tyres, come off much easier than the single speed and so fixing the puncture was surprisingly easy, I even used some patches rather than changing the inner tube for a spare, I feel like a proper cyclist now! Although the tiny pump I had only managed to get me to 80psi, I was wishing I had my other, slightly larger, high pressure pump!

Anyway, need to chill as this is the furthest I have ridden since I was skinny and young.

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