Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Last of the Commutes

Well, that was the last of the work commutes in the UK until September. Tomorrow is my last day in the office before zooming off to Canada for three months and so I have to go pick up all the stuff that accumulates as a cyclist; Towels, shower gel, miscellaneous (dirty) underwear, other sporting clothing, laptop, chargers for everything etc.

This and having a meeting at a vendors office means I have to use the car. So the car has been 72 miles getting me to and from work, in the same time I have cycled 3,542 miles while commuting, this makes me feel a little warm inside, although that may be cycling in a long sleeved top when it is 25 Celsius...

So tomorrow is car, then Friday is a 3 hour ride before heading to the bike shop and having the trusty stead packed ready for Canada, I have decided to get a big ride on in case the bike arrives in more pieces than it started the journey or it doesn't arrive at all (woof).

Once the other side of the Atlantic I plan on getting a 100km day in pretty quick, this could of course be the end of me...

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